Weather & Demographics Shift Buyer Patterns

Weather and changing demographics have altered U.S. home buyer patterns. The tried and true WWII Generation mantra of “Honey its time, let’s go south”, is being supplanted by Baby Boomers, many of whom already moved, re-position their assets close to home for maximum enjoyment and sustainability in light of fewer guaranteed pensions. Once people reach age 75, mostĀ are not very likely to purchase a new home/move unless its related to a health issue like physical decline. They will either move nearby (or in with) family or into health facilities. The youngest WWII buyer is 72. Boston & NY, had record warm Christmas Day temps triggering hotel cancellations in FL and the southeast US. Severe record rain and tornadoes have hit, TX, MS, AL, AR & TN.

Florida passed N.Y, as the third most populous state. N.J., with lagging real estate values, still leads the nation in new foreclosures, no longer originates the most retiree/snowbird buyers. Cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, Raleigh, Richmond and Tampa are becoming the new buyer originators for many communities around the southeast U.S.

If old WWII Generation buying patterns and weather has been your driver of urgency to sell property, its important to update your marketing strategy and offset the projected decline of those buyers. Adjustments early in theĀ first quarter of 2016 can help bolster spring, summer & fall sales. Now is the time to reach out to prospects and engage them. There is a shortage of housing inventory and aligning your unique selling position with effective messaging to capture the most retirees & snowbirds will yield positive sales. Act now, contact Dave Robertson, Real Estate Community Advisor, LLC, 561-299-6249.

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