FL Ranks Fourth Among Tax Friendly States

More than just a great place to retire, the Sunshine state is a great place to live, work and operate a business. It’s no surprise that Florida ranks fourth, just behind WY, SD & Alaska, (BRRRR frozen tundra), as the best place to do business as a result of low taxes. Its also no surprise that New York and New Jersey are last at 49 and 50. Consequently, if you want a place to operate and live, with no income tax, that’s pro-business, offers the best homestead protection, is third most populous with an educated work force), touts easy access to every where (most international flights at MIA of any U.S. airport) and has great weather, Florida is the best and only choice. Discover why so many businesses, people and retirees, each year, chose. Make your move now. Call 561-299-6249, or email Team RECA.

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