Decline in International Buyers of U.S. Properties

International buyers of U.S. property have declined 30% since late 2014 and are expected to fall another 25% in 2016. The U.S. dollar is at a seven month high vs. the Euro. The Canadian dollar, traded at 1.2 in 2014 and is now down below $1. in value. With Brent Crude Oil near $40 a barrel and not expected to rise above $50 for 18-36 months, many other commodity based currencies in Mexico, Central & South America are also down in value vs. the U.S. dollar. Further since the western trade sanctions against Russia, those residents have challenges buying a U.S. property too.  For all these reasons luxury developers in South Florida, the Caribbean and other desirable destinations are reaching out to high net worth U.S. buyers much more aggressively.

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